The discipline is not new: there long ago in the 60’s, « Waikiki Beachboys of Honolulu » surf teachers stood on their boards with a paddle to stabilize. This sport has been brought up to date by Dave Kalama, Brian Keaulana, Rick Thomas, Archie Kalepa et Laird Hamilton for our greatest pleasure. This sport is not practiced only at sea or on the waves: it can also be practiced on lakes, rivers….


  • 60 € / 2h Stand up Paddle Beginner

Private Lessons can be booked in blocks of 2 hours or more per session and guarantee one on one interaction with your coach.

  • Private  (1 Rider/ 1 Coach) 1 H 60 €  ( material non included )
  • Private (1 Rider/1 Coach) 1 H 150 €    ( material included )
  • Semi-Private(2 Rider/1 Coach) 1 H 100 €  ( material included )

Sup Vahine 1

60 € / 2h Stand up Paddle Discovery

  • General description, & Security (closed water, sea, weather, shore break, Wind)
  • The benefits of this exercise.
  • Respect for the environment
  • The discipline of Stand Up (ride the wave, long distances, down wind, …)
  • Technical explanation, positions, and paddle techniques
  • Up and down,to stand up
  • Keep balanced on the board (kneeling, sitting and standing)
  • The movements of arms
  • The basic turns



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